Plague (Demo)

July 17th, 2014 + 3:07 PM  ·  XFactor

Hello BandAMP, it has been awhile since I've visited the website!

I've written a lot of stuff since I last logged in (over 3 years ago I think?) but I have been posting tracks on SoundCloud due to better file security. Last time I left, crawlers/bots gained access to all my songs through BandAMP (or its associated database), so I'd rather not risk uploading music that I intend to sell later. Since this isn't a final copy (but is pretty damn close to one), I thought I might put it up here to let everyone know how my compositions are progressing.

I would not be writing what I write today if it wasn't for the support and feedback that I've received from you guys over the years!

Glad to see the website is still running!


Concert Arrangement (TG)

December 15th, 2011 + 4:12 PM  ·  XFactor

The official title is "Concert Arrangement Testing Grounds". It was originally two songs, Concert Arrangement and Testing Grounds, but I glued them both together because I didn't want to continue writing either. The ending is probably one of the worst I've made, but hey at least I 'finished', in contrast to my other experiments...

If you haven't started playing the song already, it sounds quite childish... and rightly so, because it was written back in '06 I think? I was around 12-13, can't really do the math right now.

It was my first "big song" ever, I began to write it ever since I figured out how to input chords into Noteworthy Composer.

I recently dug up the MIDI file and ran it through some VSTs on Cubase. Setting all the tempo changes took me about an hour, it was ridiculous (NWC could export tempo, but it wasn't recognized by Cubase).

Oh well, here it is, hope you enjoy this fun-filled MIDI adventure through my childhood!


Long Loading Times

November 23rd, 2011 + 4:11 PM  ·  XFactor

Can someone who has Chrome try logging into their account or reply to my post using that browser? I seem to be experiencing a problem with doing both of those things. It just hangs (I haven't had the patience to see how long), and when I refresh the page, everything's fine.

Is it just me, or is this affecting other people too?


P.S. I posted this using FireFox...

Guitar for Beginners

October 27th, 2011 + 11:10 AM  ·  XFactor

What's a good acoustic guitar for a beginner? I'm looking for something cheap (yes, totally a beginner here), but something with a more "wholesome" sound - preferably a guitar that goes by "the guitar is as good as its player" kind of thing? (I often refer to the type of guitar... if it happens anywhere else I'm guessing I refer to the wood used )

I've heard some lighter sounding guitars before (shallow tone and bad "room" resonance) - I know they serve a purpose and that people buy them so stores stock it, which is why I'm looking for advice on how to avoid those... I have 0 experience with acoustic guitars (except listening to a lot of them), I'm very comfortable with the bass, so I'm wondering if there's a way to tell what my first guitar should be?

Again, I would probably think that the type of guitar doesn't matter for a beginner, but I would like to know what the most optimal one is, both in quality and price (which is asking a lot, I understand, so feel free to be subjective about this)!!

Thanks for your time guys!


P.S. I'm also thinking about an electric guitar, but I figured it'd be pretty useless to learn the electric without getting comfortable with an acoustic (chord fingerings and whatnot) first. Plus, don't electric guitars usually require a pedal or something to be performance/recording worthy?


May 28th, 2011 + 10:05 AM  ·  XFactor

Manchester United vs. Barcelona!

Anyone going to watch this or am I the sole footy fan at BandAMP?

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